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Why do you need Sales and Marketing?

Whether you are a CEO, a board member, or an investor, the question of whether or not you have the right focus, resources, and skills in Sales and Marketing, is an issue you should focus on. This paper is intended to start a conversation on this topic that might help you decide if you need to better understand this question in your company.

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Art Olbert Named Interim Chief Technology Officer of Intershop AG

Intershop AG logoIntershop Communications AG, a world leader  in innovative e-commerce solutions, announced that Art Olbert is the interim CTO of the company. Olbert, who is a Senior Partner of FlexSkill Consulting LLC, a US based firm, will head the CTO office and work with Intershop’s executive leadership team to support the company’s growth and technology initiatives. He will direct the core Intershop product set (Enfinity 6 and Intershop 7) as well as the Full Service and The Bakery offerings.

Olbert’s appointment exemplifies the value proposition FlexSkill offers to its clients: experienced executive leadership which adds immediately productive leadership to a client’s company.

Donn Atkins Advises Students at University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration

University of Pittsburgh logo“Donn Atkins, a senior partner at FlexSkill Consulting and former IBM executive, recently met with groups of College of Business Administration students at Sennott Square, leading in-depth presentations on two subjects: pursuing a career in sales and getting ahead in the workplace by maximizing interpersonal relationships.

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Donn Atkins named “Strategic Initiatives Advisor” to Intershop Communications AG

Intershop Communications AG, a world leader  in innovative e-commerce solutions, announced that “Donn Atkins was named ‘Strategic Initiatives Advisor’ for the company. Atkins, who is Senior Partner of FlexSkill Consulting LLC, a US based firm, will work with the Intershop leadership team to support the company’s growth initiatives. He will also serve as advisor to the supervisory board. In addition, FlexSkill partners will be assisting the company on selected projects. “

Donn Atkins Explains The ABC’s of Partnering

Donn Atkins, FlexSkill senior partner, discussed the basics and value of business partnering at Intershop‘s International Partner Day. During his Q&A, Atkins touched on topics from the strategic value of partnering to hints and tips to build and grow mutually beneficial business partnerships.

Donn Atkins at Intershop’s Partner Day

Donn Atkins, senior partner at FlexSkill, was key note speaker at Intershop’s partner day. Atkins explored the  mutual values which can accrue to both sides of a successful business partnership. In his presentation, Atkins also explored the pitfalls and opportunities of building mutually successful business partnerships.

FlexSkill’s proven methodology creates a fast path to revenue and coverage growth through partnering. FlexSkill LLC is a team of top industry executives with first-hand experience in business partner sales, marketing, technology, engineering, and product management, with:

  • Deep knowledge
  • Proven leadership, and
  • Worldwide relationships

Intershop is a leading provider of innovative e-commerce solutions. Intershop provides powerful software and a comprehensive range of services for multi-channel selling. Intershop’s two-day International Partner Day event was held in Frankfurt, Germany in mid-October, 2012.

Why do you need Sales & Marketing?

Why FlexSkill?

FlexSkill was founded to help companies address critical skill requirements in very specific areas – to supplement or add to their team when facing a near term need. FlexSkill’s main value proposition is to provide access to experience and knowledge quickly and effectively.

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