Flexible Approaches

FlexSkill offers FLEXIBLE APPROACHES to match our clients’ needs. We can adapt our offerings to align with your requirements and business situation.

  • Time Based Billing – For activity based efforts, which are outlined by a scope of work and are billed hourly, daily or weekly
  • Project Based Assignments – For projects with mutually agreed objectives which are detailed in a proposal and statement of work. These include regular checkpoint reviews, change order control, and clearly defined deliverables.
  • Success Based Engagements – These engagements are defined based on meeting or exceeding performance goals. The compensation includes a retainer and upside payments which can be cash or equity.
  • Advisory Board Participation – FlexSkill Senior partners are available to participate in advisory boards. Specific expectations must be defined, mutual terminations must be accepted, and benefits vest quarterly.
  • Ongoing Retainer Based Support – This can be used to fill interim executive positions on a full or part time basis. The duties and hours must be defined and the time period is flexible.

Why do you need Sales & Marketing?

Why FlexSkill?

FlexSkill was founded to help companies address critical skill requirements in very specific areas – to supplement or add to their team when facing a near term need. FlexSkill’s main value proposition is to provide access to experience and knowledge quickly and effectively.

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