Our Offerings

FlexSkill Consulting helps your company clarify your skills needs, builds a plan to address your needs, and, if necessary, fulfills your skills needs until you find a permanent solution.  The reason FlexSkill can do this is our senior partners have met similar challenges themselves; successfully.  FlexSkill’s Offerings are built on decades of experience, learning, and success.

Summary of offerings:

  • Strategy and Business Plan Reviews
  • Go To Market Plans
  • Operational Review and Improvement
  • Business Development and Alliance Assistance
  • Market Expansion Support

Strategy and Business Plan Reviews

  • Value proposition analysis
    • Review product and technology strategy
    • Review customer and market strategy
  • Business plan review
  • Performance versus budget
  • Balance sheet utilization
  • Pricing and margin review

Go To Market Plans

  • Route to market options, analysis, and fit
  • Sales management process review
  • Go to Market readiness assessment
  • Business partner readiness
  • Partner recruiting and management
  • Sales force capability
  • Sales skills development

Operational Review and Improvement

  • Analyze and propose operational objective
  • Scope contributing forces, assess the organization, and conduct interviews
  • Outline the plan, responsibilities, and milestones
  • Execution support participation alternatives
    • Monitor and advise
    • Lead
  • Examples include:
    • Better integration across product development, delivery, and service
    • Connecting service, sales, and professional services to mutual benefit
    • Lower cost and short time to market by flowing requirements and making development more agile.

Business Development and Alliance Assistance

  • Define business development needs
  • Define organizational responsibilities
  • Develop execution plan
  • Execution support alternatives
    • Monitor and Advise
    • Lead
  • Alliances with Industry Leaders
  • Business Development / Alliance Examples
    • Making co-opetition work for you
    • Meet your market needs by either focusing or broadening your biz dev relationships
    • Exploiting your size and speed in your value net

Market Expansion Support

  • Analyze new market potential
  • Match coverage needs with the desired markets
  • Suggest new routes to market
  • Review international coverage requirements
  • Introduction to international channels and distribution


Why do you need Sales & Marketing?

Why FlexSkill?

FlexSkill was founded to help companies address critical skill requirements in very specific areas – to supplement or add to their team when facing a near term need. FlexSkill’s main value proposition is to provide access to experience and knowledge quickly and effectively.

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